About Stephanie Woor

I am a copywriter based in Brighton, UK. Specialising in marketing content written for a wide variety of clients online, I have four years of experience in the digital marketing industry and have worked within agencies and as a freelancer. I have created content for some of the world's leading brands, including Adecco, UGG, Vanquis, Comet and Maplin, as well as a large number of SMEs and lesser known web-based businesses. This work is informed by a knowledge of SEO best-practices as well as a lifetime of writing simply for my own enjoyment.

In addition to this marketing activity, I write (largely as a hobbyist, but always with professional aspirations) on entertainment topics, especially about video games. I have regularly produced reviews, previews, features and news roundups on gaming topics over the past four years, applying the same standards required in my professional work.

Samples of my work

StephanieWoor.co.uk showcases both strands of my work seperately, in order to give you a better idea of what I am capable of producing:

  • My portfolio contains samples of my online copywriting work. For each entry, you will find an overview of the parameters of each project as well as a sample of the written work I produced (or the end product, in the case of infographics or other visual projects I wrote concepts for)
  • My blog is devoted to my games journalism, with a mix of original articles and delayed reposts from sites where I am a contributor

Working with me

I am currently in full-time employment and I am not looking for additional work. Nonetheless, if you wish to speak with me about an opportunity, please contact me.

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