Review: The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode Two []

'A House Divided', the second episode of Telltale's Walking Dead Season Two gets reviewed. Contains spoilers for previous episodes.

Having created a (largely) well received opener for its difficult second album, The Walking Dead strides with confidence into an exciting second episode that is packed with memorable moments and tantalising hints of the action still to come. Major spoilers for Season Two have been avoided, but details from…

Review: Ikaruga []

A review of Ikaruga, Treasure's infamous vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with a simple polarity mechanic and plenty of bullet-filled screens.

How do you spend 50 hours playing a game with a 25 minute campaign?

It helps if the game in question has been available in various forms for 13 years of course, but nevertheless, the amount of time it’s possible – arguably compulsory – to plough into Ikaruga slight-offering requires justification to rational human beings. Partly through habit, partly through the realities of a review…

Crowdfunding Comment - Unsung Story []

Comment piece on the problematic crowdfunding campaign for 'Unsung Story', a tactical RPG touted as a creation of genre legend Yasumi Matsuno

In recent crowdfunding updates, I’ve probably not done a fantastic job of hiding my enthusiasm for the Unsung Story project – I’d always have that little bit more to say on it, and my original write up betrayed my long-established interest in Yasumi Matsuno’s games. Considering the project’s recent but strangely narrow…

Opinion: Five of the greatest exclusives that Nintendo ever lost

(And why we’d all probably be better off if they got some of them back) Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Tetris - Nintendo once had complete exclusivity over these big name franchises. Would everyone be better off if they regained those rights?

Nintendo’s first party exclusives are an unrivalled asset – their relative lack of third party exclusives are often pointed to when hardware sales show signs of struggling. The importance of exclusives, especially third party ones, has diminished through the years, but if Nintendo suddenly regained exclusivity for any of the following franchises it once controlled, perhaps everybody would benefit:

Review: The Walking Dead - Season Two, Episode One [The Reticule]

Review of the 'All That Remains', the first episode of the new series of Telltale's Walking Dead adventure game. Contains spoilers for previous episodes.

By virtue of the number two following the number one, the following review of season two of Telltale's The Walking Dead will feature spoilers for the first season. As with any other review, spoilers for this first episode have been kept to a minimum - major narrative points will not be discussed, though minor details about the tone, setting and gameplay of this instalment will be…

Preview: Bravely Default - 3DS Demo Impressions []

A Review of the demo version of Bravely Default, Square Enix's Nintendo 3DS JRPG that has more than a passing resemblance to early Final Fantasy

It seems like only yesterday that every potential SaGa, Mana and Vagrant Story revival at Square Enix found itself under the Final Fantasy banner in order to capture a little more marketplace enthusiasm. From the international renaming of SaGa titles in the early years through to the incongruousness of whacking Final Fantasy onto the Crystal…

Review: Soul Calibur V []

A review for Soul Calibur V, the sixth game in the Soul series of weapons-based fighting games.

Don’t let the dashing, hooded Italian on Soul Calibur V‘s boxart fool you. Namco and their rivals aren’t in the business of trying to squeeze a big release out every single year. They understand the value of leaving land fallow. It has been nearly three years since the last Tekken, dead on three years since we entered the fourth Street Fighter era. And Soul Calibur…

Review: Sonic Generations []

Review of Sonic Generations, a fusion of modern 3D and classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog platform games.

For a video-game character so obsessed with travelling blindly forwards, Sonic the Hedgehog sure spends a lot of time looking over his shoulder. Between the upcoming re-release of Sonic CD, the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and the sidescrolling elements of modern titles like Sonic Colours, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Sonic Generations is slightly…

Review: Dead Space 2 []

Review of Dead Space 2, Visceral Games' first direct sequel to the Resident Evil 4-style Sci-Fi Horror series.

In the world of film, the sequel that so much as equals the original is treated as the exception to the rule. By comparison, gaming sequels are expected to fare a lot better. Dead Space 2 is, rather predictably then, an improved package. Small tweaks in walking speed, new and improved weapons and a complete overhaul of the game’s treatment of zero-gravity get you more effectively under the skin…

Review: Lucidty

A review of Lucidity, Lucasarts' attempt at an indie-style puzzle platformer using art tools developed for their Monkey Island remakes.

Point, Click, Curse.

It's old news, but let's take a moment to honour the fact that Lucasarts don't just make Star Wars games again. Ok, so news that Lucasarts are starting to make good Star Wars games again would probably be just as welcome, but a return to point and click seemed about as likely as EA suddenly becoming the lesser of two evils…

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