London Attractions Infographic - Hampton Court Palace

This interactive infographic project required me to research and produce succinct copy for points of interest regarding top London attractions. category pages

This content is a small sample from a large content order for a new website. Intended to be situated after the listings, it adds additional background information about the chosen locale and the client.

Useful Guides for Motorists - Tyre Maintenance

Part of a large multi-month project featuring thousand of words of copy and extensive research. Particular attention was paid to reinforcing brand visibility to capture visitors early in their buying cycle and suggesting suitable widgets, website partnerships and calls to action.

What Does the Public Really Think About Alternative Fuel Vehicles?

This multi-stage piece looked at a controversial issue of interest to Nationwide Vehicle Contracts' customers, seeking exposure on a green motoring site.

How to drive a better car

Advertorial placement negotiated through partner for Nationwide Vehicle Contracts on one of the UK's premier car magazine websites.

British food myths and the "Summer of Sport"

This article, produced at Fresh Egg in July 2012 on behalf of the client, Just Eat, discussed pre-Olympic anticipation while discussing British food myths. Publication was negotiated through an SEO engineer's contact, and was consequently published under an alias.