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This content is a small sample from a large content order for a new website. Intended to be situated after the listings, it adds additional background information about the chosen locale and the client.

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Example one:

Spas in Northumberland: solitude in the land of independent spirit

For every square kilometre of untouched land in beautiful Northumberland, there are just 62 people to shatter the peace. A muse of landscape painters, largely protected as a National Park and, paradoxically, associated with revolt and rebellion, Northumberland is a perfect place to find a clear head and to bring unruly aches and pains to heel.

Luxurious spa breaks in and around Newcastle

SpaSeekers' partners in Northumberland take advantage of these beautiful surroundings, ensuring that rolling hills and open skies are all part of the package. The available locations allow you to balance isolation and access to the rest of the county. Day resorts located at arm's length from Newcastle and smaller towns such as Morpeth are in stunning wooded areas off the beaten track. Other resorts exist within the urban sprawl, allowing one-off treatments and further respite from busy urban lives. These spa hotels often offer easier access to Lindesfarne, Hadrian's Wall, the Pennines and the unfettered relaxation found in remoter regions.

Call us for unforgettable spa days

SpaSeekers prides itself on offering the best packages for individuals, couples and groups throughout the UK. Our ready-made deals offer fantastic value for money, but we are also able to handle specific requests – just give us a call on 08444 77 44 77 – and we'll use our expertise to match you with the perfect pamper day, or to help you to redefine relaxation in your life.


Example two:

Relax in the Spas of North East England

Traditionally associated with the industries of farming and mining, the north east is nonetheless a striking region that boasts some of the most tranquil spots in the country. Outside of the urban north east, the mix of cliffs, moorland, and beaches ensures a low population density, perfect for people clearing their heads.

Spa treatments and spa holidays in the North East

North east England, covering the counties of Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Teeside understands its great appeal as a destination for spa breaks. The wide variety of hotel spas in the area attest to this: with beautiful surroundings in smaller towns and villages throughout the countryside, visitors can relax without civilisation disturbing the peace.

Alternatively, for easier accessibility, resorts nearer to cities and towns such as Newcastle and Hull are available, offering comprehensive treatments and privacy. A mix of spa day specialists and versatile, day and break establishments can be found throughout the region. Finding the perfect place to rest is of paramount importance – and so is finding the perfect course of treatment.

Gift vouchers and options for the perfect pamper day

Spa packages can be a fantastic gift, but one with so many options, finding the right one for any one person can be difficult. Our spa vouchers allow gift givers to let loved ones decide how they want to spend their time relaxing. This same flexibility extends to all our products: call us on 08444 77 44 77 to start planning your day or getaway.